World Class Certified

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From Left to right - Justin Calaminus - President, Tyler W - Technician, Aaron Ticknor - Manager SWO, Jeffery L - Technician, Rod Sanford Customer Care Supervisor.

We are very pleased and proud to announce that the Field Operations final results are extremely impressive to say the least – with two of our members tied for top spot in Field Technicians achieving World Class Certification status...simply an incredible feat, and testimony to the high level of dedication and customer focus that we all can be very proud of!

At this time, we are very excited to announce that Field Operations – SQM World Class #1 Performers...Jeffrey L (Alumni) and Tyler W both achieving a remarkable certification rating of 97%

Congratulations to Jeffrey and Tyler on this remarkable achievement! In addition, a special "thank you" to Aaron and Rod who provided the management and supervision to allow these two to succeed!

Congratulations to our winners, and to all of you in our Field Operations team. Your efforts are being recognized not only by our brand on this occasion – but of course, by our valued Customers through SQM Customer Satisfaction Surveys!

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